Step by Step installation of the MAC keyboard

Since one of my students was having trouble downloading and installing the keyboard for mac on his computer, this is a step by step tutorial on how to install the mac keyboard:

1: If you have multiple keyboards on your mac, this is what you usually see on the top right corner:

2: Go to:

3: You will need to download the keyboard file from there on your computer. Now, this is where people get confused. If you click on the link that is provided, mac will open the file. You don’t want to do that, you will need to press “ctrl” and click on the link. This will open the menu for you:

4- Select save link as and save the file on your desktop.

5- When you download it, you will see on your desktop a file called: lbkmac.keylayout. If, by any chance you get a file called lbkmac.keylayout.xml, rename it to lbkmac.keylayout

6- Open your Library folder on your hard drive

7- Open your keyboard layouts folder in the library

8- Move the file lbkmac.keylaout into that folder.

9- Restart your computer

10- You should now see the new keyboard in your keyboard list at the top right corner.

That’s it.

Update December 6, 2013: (Courtesy of Seth Baily)

If you are using Mac version 10.9 you will need to enable the new keyboard layout by entering “System Preferences” > “Language & Region” > “Keyboard Preferences”

Then select the “Input Sources” tab

Select the “+”

Select “Others”

Select “L.B.”


L.B. Keyboard Layout