Online Course Launch Date

Due to the huge number of interested students, the online Lebanese language course will be changed from a course with a set date and meeting for lessons, to a fully automated set of lessons that the students can follow on their own pace.

When the course was launched the ambition was to give an online course that can handle a certain number of students. Because the amount of emails and interested people who want to learn the Lebanese language has become in the hundreds, this method would no longer be applicable or possible.

Therefore I am launching an automated curriculum that will teach the interested students the Lebanese language, without a necessity to attend a course or be available for lessons, whether online or in person. This means though that all resources have to be digitized, and presented in a proper format. Audio files will accompany all lessons, and video files will help students visualize the context of the language.

This means that students will be able to study at their own pace. The automated first level course is set to start hopefully in September. If anything changes, I will update this entry.

Maroun Kassab