Lebanese lullabies and rhymes

Lebanese lullabies and rhymes

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There are many Lebanese lullabies and rhymes other than the famous one sung by Fairuz:

I will post some of them here and try to add to this post so that it would become a collection of Lebanese lullabies and rhymes.


1- Yalla tnaam

Yalla tnaam (aw ynam for boy) Riima (or the child’s name)
Yalla tḣibb ṡṡala
Yalla tḣibb ṡṡawm
Yalla tijiiha l xawaafi
Kill yawm b yawm

Yalla tnaam, yalla tnaam
La idbaḣla ṫayr l ḣamaam (This is the most common version, but some say instead: “La idbaḣla ṫayrayn ḣamaam”)*
Ruḣ ya ḣamaam la tsaddi`
Biḋḣak xa Riima ta tnaam

* Remark: This statement literally means “I will butcher for her a pigeon”, or as in the alternate version “a pair of pigeons”. People always wonder what does butchering a pigeon or two has to do with a children’s lullaby. It even sounds scary don’t you think. But in fact, there is a very good explanation for this, and most probably the alternate version “I shall butcher a pair of pigeons” is the original and most probable version. Lebanese lullabies extend to ancient times and they are part of a handed down tradition through the ages. The sacrifice of a pair of doves or a pair of pigeons dates to a Hebrew tradition where a sacrificial offering for a first born used to be “a pair of doves or a pair of pigeons”.

2- Naami naami ya żgiiri

Naami naami ya żgiiri
Ta ḣatta tṡiiri kbiiri
Naami taḣt l ḱaymi
Ta truḣ l xittaymi
W tiji ccamis xa bakkiir
Tḋawwi xa kill l jiiri

Bokra bayyik jaayi
Jaayib ġallit zzaytun
W jaayiblik bornayṫa w caal
Ta titdaffi bi Kanun.


1- Dibbi kiili (Moving two fingers and marching them towards the child)

Dibbi kiili
Dibbi craabi
Ḱiidi l bint (Or ḱalli l bint)
W ḱalli ṡṡabi (Or w ḱidi ṡṡabi)

2- Ya ḣedi w ya medi

Ya ḣedi w ya medi
Ca`lib da`lib bil wedi
Kassir jawz w kassir lawz
W ḱod la ibni ziwwedi

Ya hedi wi ḣdii bi llayl
Sammixna ṡahiil l ḱayl
Win kanno ibni maxkon
Alla ywaṡṡolkon bil ḱayr
Win ken ibni mic maxkon
Ḋallo rkabo ṫul llayl

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