Lebanese and Levantine

There are many people who ask me whether they will be able to understand other Levantine languages if they learn the Lebanese language, and the answer is of course yes. The Levantine languages encompass those of Lebanon, Palestine, most of Syria and parts of Jordan. They are all related, and some refer to these languages as one major Arabic dialect sometimes known as eastern Arabic.

The fact of the matter is that if you speak Lebanese, you can understand and converse with someone from Syria, Palestine and Jordan with relative ease. But on the other hand, you will not be able to easily converse with and understand someone from let’s say Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia or Tunisia for example.

So if you want to learn Syrian or Palestinian, you can just learn the Lebanese language because it will give you access to these languages easily. Afterwards, and with some minor modifications, you can incorporate the specifics of the other languages in the Lebanese language you learn. The reason I am posting this information is because there is a lack of material on the Syrian language, Palestinian language and the Jordanian language online and in written form for any student that in interested in these languages specifically. The best bet for the time being is to learn Lebanese, since much material is already available and the information is easily transferable to the other languages.