Download the Lebanese Keyboard here.

The Lebanese keyboard is simple and easy to use. You do not need to install any additional fonts, or and special software. All you need to do is download and install the keyboard from the link provided above.  This keyboard was developed by the Lebanese Language Institute.

How it works: It works the same as the English keyboard. Your use of your English will remain unaffected, and you can revert to it at any time. The Lebanese keyboard makes use of the Shift and CAPS buttons to allow typing in the 7 additional characters in Lebanese.

The additional letters to the regular keyboard are in upper and lowercase description: Ḋḋ, Ġġ, Ḣḣ, Ḱḱ, Ṫṫ, Ṡṡ and Żż.

Shift plus d, g, h, k, t, s or z on your keyboard yields ḋ, ġ, ḣ, ḱ, ṫ, ṡ or ż respectively on your screen.

Caps Lock plus Shift plus D, G, H, K, T, S or Z on your keyboard yields Ḋ, Ġ, Ḣ, Ḱ, Ṫ, Ṡ or Ż respectively on your screen.

Note: The Lebanese Letters are all Unicode 5.0 compatible, and the best font to use with the Lebanese letters is “Tahoma”


  1. Download the keyboard file ( right click and save as…)
  2. Unzip the zipped file
  3. Open the directory “Lebanese”
  4. Run the “setup” program
  5. Follow instructions
  6. You will see a language toolbar somewhere on your screen (bottom right), select “LB” to switch to Lebanese keyboard, or you can also press left CTRL plus SHIFT to switch between keyboards.

For any comments on the Lebanese keyboard, please contact me and let me know.