If you want to  learn Lebanese, that is, to study the Lebanese language specifically, and want to be able to converse like a Lebanese, then you are in the right place. Studylebanese.com is the website of Maroun Kassab, a founding member  of the Lebanese Language Institute.  You have a choice to either learn Lebanese online, since I offer online courses to teach the Lebanese language, or to learn Lebanese in class by attending a Lebanese language course, which is offered in specific locations by different instructors. The extensive courses are comprised of 2 levels, a Beginners level and an Advanced level.

Level 1: A beginners guide to Lebanese, its history, letters and sounds, vocabulary, pronunciation, simple sentence structures, and genders . This level also comprises of an introduction to Lebanese pronouns and their use, and a variety of exercises to assist you develop a good grasp on the fundamentals. Check the Curriculum here

Level 2: Developed sentences, simple past, present and imperative verbs, and their conjugation with the personal pronouns. In this level you will also be introduced to some of the Lebanese literature and poetry that will help you develop an understanding of the musical undertones that govern the Lebanese language.

If you are interested in any of these extensive courses, whether online or in class, please visit the registration page.

About these courses:

There are three types of courses:

1- A Lebanese language course that you can attend. This course is offered only in specific locations. This course is by various instructors, and depends on the availability of the instructor and the number of registered students. If you are interested in this course, please add your information to the list of interested students on this page.

2- An online Lebanese language course where you can study at your own pace. If you are interested in this course, please check the online courses page for more detailed information. The first level online course is already available for registration, the second level is set to launch soon.

3- Private lessons. (Contact me for more info on these lessons)

These Lebanese Language courses are unique. They are intended to specifically teach the Lebanese language using an advanced method developed specifically for this purpose. You will learn Lebanese as the Lebanese people use it, with an explanation of the various dialects that exist in Lebanon and how to distinguish them. This Lebanese language course does not teach “Egyptian”, or “Kuwaiti”, etc…, but you will learn the Lebanese language specific. If you learn Lebanese, you will be able to understand the languages spoken around Lebanon, such as Syrian, Palestinian and to some extent Jordanian.


Some people call the Lebanese language “Lebanese Arabic”, or “spoken Arabic”, or “spoken Lebanese”, amongst many others. If you want to learn Lebanese Arabic, you actually want to Learn Lebanese, not Arabic. Therefore, many people confuse these two languages together. Learning the Arabic language, that is, the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), will not allow you to speak to people in Lebanon in their daily language, and will not allow you to fully comprehend what they say when they speak. The vast differences between the two languages confuse the foreign student. If you want to speak and understand the Lebanese language, you must learn it as an independent language. The common statement “Lebanese Arabic” could be extremely misleading for someone who is trying to learn the Lebanese language. Therefore, any student who is looking to take a Lebanese language course, and learn the Lebanese language, should be aware of these differences. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to this matter, so contact me.